Dubai Marina: Still the jewel of Dubai

The Dubai Marina is popular for many reasons. The large man-made marina where hundreds of private yachts are docked, the hundreds of towering buildings, and countless restaurants and hotel bars all combine to create a feeling of luxury that makes up part of the Dubai lifestyle. The Dubai Marina forms a cocoon of concrete that is a haven away from the flat and sandy desert.Image

The Dubai Marina consists of 3 phases that stretch 3km down the Persian Gulf shoreline. One of the phases has come to be known as “The tallest block in the World” and another phase is Jumeirah Beach Residences, which is the largest single-phase residential development in the World consisting of 40 towers.

The Dubai Marina is mostly a residential area and can accommodate over 120,000 people in the current residential towers, with many more towers on the way. The worlds tallest all-residential tower is set to be opened in 2014 standing tall at 516m. This tower will be named the Pentominium and will take the title from the Princess Tower, also in the Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Marina is full of world record buildings and World firsts. Another one of these would be the Al Sufouh Tram which is the worlds fist tram that makes use of platform screen doors at the stations, as well as Supervised Vehicle Operation mode to help ensure that the tram stops accurately at the station platforms.

The Dubai Marina is one of the few places that people from the Western Countries make up the majority of the community, and this translates into a much more relaxed culture where you will regularly see people walking in the streets with clothes that might be seen as offensive somewhere else in the city.

The Dubai Marina is a jewel on the Dubai map and contributes to the city by providing an area propped full of entertainment, relaxation, and unadulterated joy.



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